Instructors can now see a new area in UAccess Instructor Center where they can enter a student’s ID and provide electronic permission for the student to enroll. This new process will be used for Online and Distance Campus students, but can also be used for Main Campus students. 

Student Permissions can replace the yellow math departmental permission form.  YOU SHOULD STILL NEVER SIGN A UNIVERSITY CHANGE OF SCHEDULE FORM. We recommend using this new functionality as much as possible.

  • Instructors don’t need to sign forms and students don’t need to stand in lines.
  • Student Permissions may override requisites the way a paper schedule change does, unless you follow these instructions.
  • Instructors and department administrators will have access to view how many students have been given permission to enroll and can carefully track enrollment.

It’s easy!

1.) Navigate in UAccess to your Instructor Center “my schedule” tab. Then click on the Permission to Add icon.

2.) Enter the student’s ID number in the ID field. (You can also search for the student ID by the student’s name using the spy glass.)

3.) The expiration date will default to the last day the permission can possibly be used. You can change this date to an earlier date but if you enter a date that falls after this date the student will receive an error message when they try to enroll that tells them they have missed the deadline.

4.) Click on the Permission Tab to view or change what specific permissions you will allow. You must select at least one override. Note that Closed Class, Consent Required and Permission Time Period are the standard Default overrides and they can be unchecked. IF YOU DO NOT UNCHECK ANY, THIS IS SIMILAR TO THE YELLOW DEPARTMENTAL PERMISSION FORMS.

a. Closed Class = Allow the student to enroll in a class that is closed because it’s full.
b. Requisites Not Met = Allow the student to enroll even though they do not meet the pre-requisite  (MAKE SURE THIS NOT CHECKED!!!  CHECKING THIS BOX IS ESSENTIALLY THE SAME AS SIGNING THE DREADED CHANGE OF SCHEDULE FORMS!  D O  N O T   C H E C K   T H I S  B O X!!!!)
c. Consent Required = Allow the student to enroll in a class where department consent is required.
d. Permission Time Period = Allow the student to enroll past the student’s last day to enroll in UAccess.

5.) Click on the Comments tab if you want to enter a comment on the permission. The student does not see the comment.

6.) Click the Apply button if you are done. An email will immediately be sent to the student’s official UA email account. The text below is an example of what the email will say:

You have been granted permission to add the following class for Spring 2017:
HUSV 493 - Internship/Human Servcs, Section 201 Permission Expiration Date: 2017-03-28
In order to add the class, go to UAccess Student and enroll in the above section prior to the Permission Expiration Date.
If you have already added the class to your schedule, please disregard this message.

7.) To add additional students to the list (simply click on the “+” icon to add another row). Click the OK button if you are finished. The student is now eligible to register on their own using UAccess Student Center.

Additional Information:

Status Column on Class Permission Data Table: You can monitor whether the student has enrolled and used the Permission or used the permission and dropped the class. The status values are Used, Not Used, Used and Then Dropped.

Enrollment Capacity: Since the Student Permissions override the enrollment capacity, you will need to monitor your enrollments to make sure you don’t have more students than you can teach, or more than the room can seat.

Can I still use the Permission Number Feature?
No. In order to make electronic Student Permissions available directly to instructors in UAccess, it was necessary to discontinue the use of the Permission Numbers functionality.

What are the start and end dates for creating a permission?
The Permission to Add process becomes available to instructors on the first day that enrollment is open to all students. The process ends on the expiration date that is auto populated with the permission.

Will department admins still be able to create permissions for specific students too?
Yes, the department admin with enrollment access could create permissions from UAccess Student. Permissions created by the process in Instructor Center or the process in UAccess Student appear on both Class Permission Data tables.

A student has used a permission but the total enrollment number for the class on the My Schedule page has not increased by one.
The page may need to be refreshed. Navigating to a different page and then returning to the My Schedule page will usually do the trick.

I clicked on the Permission to Add icon but when I tried to create a permission an error message appeared telling me the Permission to Add page is now view-only.
The Permission to Add process becomes available to instructors on the first day that enrollment is open to all students. The process ends on the expiration date that is auto populated with the permission. The page will always be available to view.

What do the icons do?