International students should be enrolled full-time and cannot have an excess of online courses or they will jeopardize their immigration status. Hybrid courses are counted as in-person units.

  • Undergraduate students: 12 units - at least 9 units must be in-person
    • If an undergraduate international student needs to be administratively dropped from a course due to nonattendance, please contact ISS for assistance.
    • If you are requesting to drop a student from a 4-unit class (122B, 120R, 223), be sure to specify this, as the ISS needs to temporarily adjust the student's units.  If they assume it's only 3 units, then you will still have problems dropping the student.
  • Graduate students: 9 units  - at least 6 units must be in-person (Graduate students with assistantship can have 6 units with 3 units in-person)