Resources to avoid zoom bombing: 

 Link to UITS Zoom Security Page    

Zoom Security Quick Overview

1) Sign-in to:

Settings → In-Meeting Settings (Basic) → Screen Sharing
Settings → In-Meeting Settings (Advanced) → Identify Guests

2) Meetings → Upcoming Meetings 

  • Manage Participants

    • Mute All: Click Mute All.

Uncheck “allow participants to unmute themselves” when the dialog box pops up, if you really want to mute all for the entire meeting.

    • Lock your Meeting: Click More and “Lock Meeting”

  • Chat

    • Lock down the Chat: Click 3 dots (...) and “Host Only”. (Participants can only message host)

  • Screen Sharing

    • Click More in the toolbar and select “disable participant annotation”.

3)  If you have an incident:

  1. Send an email to

  2. Report incident at

Include your:

  • Meeting ID

  • Name of User(s) in Participants